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Yes, of course, go. Once you get through the slight panic and the strong desire to turn around as you enter the hotel or reunion place, you see somebody you know and haven't seen, you catch up with them, then see somebody else, and on and on, until four hours whiz by and it's over. It will be worth weeks of post reunion conversation...and that will last you for another 20 years.

I also suggest that you make out with an old boyfriend in the bathroom. Bob will understand. And you deserve it. Reunions are a no penalty zone for borderline adultery. Every spouse should understand that.


Dear Mrs. Subdivided,

I am flattered that I helped make Bob's/my reunion bearable. :-) I understand your angst. If it weren't for my stepbrother (also a fellow classmate of Bob's and mine) who was asking me to go, I probably would have passed on the reunion too. As it turned out, I had a fabulous time with you and Bob and a few others that pleasantly surprised me. Will I attend a future reunion? Very likely not. Even though the experience was better than expected, the "pecking order" remains very similar to what it was 25 years ago. Plus, the cost versus food/facility didn't quite equal. :-) So, while it was great to see you and Bob, in hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea to go. Do they have a "reduced rate" portion of the reunion...such as paying $20 for coffee/dessert later in the evening? That would be what I would suggest if it's an option. Otherwise, I'd suggest spending the $130 for a date night for the two of you. :-)


Joe, making out with an old boyfriend is out for Mrs. Subdivided, since I wasn't given a similar option with an ex g-f at my reunion.

However, if Mrs. Subdivided wants to make out with a female classmate, I'm totally on board.

Mountain Mama

I say, if it's that expensive, and you're feeling this ambivalent, save your money. Call the folks you really want to see and go to happy hour with them some Friday night.

Or spring to bring Cathy along. She sounds like a blast. :-)


Dearest hubby: I don't even recall you pointing out that there was a former HS girlfriend in attendance.

Dearest Joe: I didn't have a boyfriend in high school. Plus I have a habit of dating men who live many, many miles away from me...starting in Northern Virginia and ending up in England. Bob was the first date from the Pittsburgh area.


Mountain Mama... Thank YOU! :-)

Julie... I didn't have a boyfriend in high school either. I didn't even go to our prom. I was married to a man from England... maybe I should start looking in Northern Virginia (where two cousins of mine live)... or Pgh since I don't seem to have any luck here in Houston. :-)


Come on...there must be some guy you wanted to make out with, wished for, hoped for? Find that guy. Make out with that guy. Or girl. Remember...
Reunion = no penalty zone. If Bob is cool about it, he gets to watch.


Joe -- so if and when we have a Syracuse TRF Sequence 43 reunion, who are you going for?


I'll eschew all of your former TRF ladies as I make a bee line for Vern's wife.

Mountain Mama

Cathy, you're welcome. :-)

I didn't really date in HS either. My junior year I did have a date for my prom. This guy, who was a friend, said he'd take me "if no one else asked me." No one did, so we went. I was bored out of my mind.

My senior year I declared that if no one asked me, I wouldn't go. No one did, I didn't, and I have no regrets.

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